Amy Joseph and Robert O’Brien, et al. v. Monster, Inc., Best Buy Stores, L.P., and, LLC

Case No. 2015 CH 13991 (Cir. Ct. Cook City., Ill.)


The Court has already preliminarily approved the Settlement. A final hearing on the Settlement, which is called a Fairness Hearing, will be held at 2:30 p.m. on February 7, 2019, at the Richard J. Daley Center, 50 West Washington Street, Courtroom 2402, Chicago, Illinois 60602. The hearing may be moved to a different date or time without notice, so check for updates on this Settlement Website. At this hearing, the Court will consider whether the proposed Settlement is fair, reasonable, and adequate and will consider whether to make final the certification of the Class for settlement purposes. The Court will also consider Class Counsel’s application for attorneys’ fees and expenses and for service awards for the Class Representatives. If there are objections, the Court will consider them at the hearing. After the hearing, the Court will decide whether to approve the Settlement. We don’t know how long the decision will take.

If the Court gives final approval to the Settlement, then it will enter a Final Order and Judgment. If the Settlement is not finally approved, then the Lawsuit will proceed as if no settlement had been attempted or agreed upon. No Claim Forms will be processed and no relief will be distributed. There can be no assurance that if the Settlement is not approved, the Class will recover more than is provided in the Settlement or even anything at all.

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